Tile tracking coming to laptops with major PC partnership

Tile is preparing to make a push beyond its dedicated trackers and directly into PCs. Sources close to Tile say a partnership with a major PC player is on the horizon. This could mean that we’ll see Tile technology being embedded into laptops, tablets and more in the near future.

Making a bid for PCs would mark a significant step for the company. Tile is known mostly for its dedicated trackers that are easily added to key rings, stashed in wallets and suitcases, or attached to other items you might want to keep track of. While some might opt to attach a Tile tracker to their laptop, embedding Tile tracking in the PC itself would make for a more elegant solution.

The move comes at a time when Bluetooth has its eyes set on location tracking in general. Bluetooth version 5.1 will feature direction finding, which allows devices to understand the position of others with centimeter-level accuracy.

“Imagine a room in a museum where there are multiple exhibits that have associated beacons,” David Hollander, director of marketing at Bluetooth SIG, recently told us. “Currently, those point-of-interest applications can let a visitor know about all the exhibits in a room, and then you have to select what you want to learn more about. With direction finding, it’ll streamline that whole experience. Museum visitors will be able to simply point their smartphones at an exhibit and get more information on that item.”

Our sources didn’t indicate which PC company Tile is partnering with. However, with IDC estimates putting Q3 2019 PC shipments at 70.4 million, entering the PC market could represent an interesting avenue of growth for the company if it catches on.

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