TIDAL joins Waze’s growing list of connected music apps

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If TIDAL is your music streaming service of choice because of its high-fidelity quality, you’ll be happy to know that you can now listen to it while driving and not get lost. That’s because it is now the latest music app to be added to Waze’s growing list of connected and supported apps. It means you don’t have to switch between two apps while you’re navigating through a familiar or unfamiliar city since TIDAL can now be integrated into the app.

While you could always still listen to your music streaming app separately, having Waze speak over it or vice versa can be inconvenient and annoying. So having a music app integration is a pretty good way of having your music and still being guided by your Waze voice of choice. The app has an audio player where each of the connected apps have a simplified interface within the app. You can change services and choose your audio without having to toggle out of the Waze app.

You will need to connect the two apps together and TIDAL has to be installed in your phone to work. Go to Waze’s Settings, tap on the Audio player then Show audio player. Scroll through the apps or if you can’t see it, tap the More apps section until you see TIDAL. You will then be prompted to authorize the connection. Once you finish that part, you can then see a small banner with Waze instructions when you open your TIDAL app.

Waze now has a lot of audio apps that you can choose to integrate with, namely the following:

– Audiobooks.com
– Castbox
– Claro Música MX
– Deezer
– iHeartRadio
– NPR One
– NRJ Radio
– Pandora
– Radio.com
– Scribd
– Spotify
– Stitcher
– TuneIn
– TuneIn Pro
– YouTube Music

Anytime you want to disconnect any of these apps to your Waze, you can just tap on the Disconnect app that you’ll find next to the app. But for now, try out your high fidelity TIDAL music on your Waze to see, or rather, listen, to how it sounds like with your navigation app.

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