Tidal Debuts Dolby Atmos Music Support for Apple TV 4K

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Music streaming service Tidal is bringing Dolby Atmos Music to Dolby Atmos-enabled devices like TVs, sound bars, speakers, and, notable for Apple users, the 4K Apple TV.

Apple’s 4K ‌Apple TV‌, released in 2017, supports Dolby Atmos, a feature that brings more immersive sound for content when the ‌Apple TV‌ is paired with a Dolby Atmos soundbar or receiver and speakers.

According to Dolby, Tidal support for Dolby Atmos is rolling out to compatible television streaming boxes as of today. Support is available for the 4K ‌Apple TV‌, 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, 3rd-generation Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV and TV Pro (from 2019), and Dolby Atmos-enabled TVs from Sony and Philips.

To use the feature, ‌Apple TV‌ 4K owners will need a Dolby Atmos enabled sound system along with the updated Tidal app.

Tidal began rolling out Dolby Atmos support back in December for Android smartphones and tablets, and it is available for all Tidal HiFi subscribers. Tidal HiFi is Tidal’s streaming tier with lossless High Fidelity sound quality, priced at $19.99 per month.

Music playback will default to Dolby Atmos if a Dolby Atmos mix and compatible device are available. Tidal has been adding Dolby Atmos music to its streaming service on a regular basis, and notable albums and songs with support include Ariana Grande’s “7 rings,” The Weeknd’s “After Hours,” and Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s “Señorita.”

Tidal’s Dolby Atmos content can be found by selecting the “Available in Dolby Atmos” section from the Home screen or searching for Dolby Atmos. For new subscribers interested in Dolby Atmos Music, Tidal is offering an extended 60-day free trial.

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