TicWatch GTX is a ridiculously cheap, feature-rich, smartwatch

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Mobvoi is back with yet another TicWatch, although this time around it’s all a bit different.

The first TicWatch since 2017 to shun Google’s Wear OS, the new TicWatch GTX keeps the software in house in order to offer up an extremely cheap smartwatch offering.

While the timing of the latest TicWatch is somewhat surprising (did Mobvoi not get the memo about the big Apple Watch Series 6 launch?) the price-tag of the GTX is very welcome indeed.

Just $59.99 for a feature rich smartwatch that boasts a 10-day battery life, 24/7 health monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, 14 workout modes (including running, cycling, swimming and yoga), and IP68 waterproof rating for indoor and outdoor swimming.

TicWatch GTX budget smartwatch

That 10-day battery life is with the power saving option turned on – but with the regular settings you’re still looking at a week’s worth of action from the GTX; a far cry for the one to two day’s of use you’d get from Mobvoi’s Wear OS watches such as the flagship TicWatch Pro 2020 and the recently launched TicWatch C2+.

To keep costs down to that lowly price-tag, the TicWatch GTX runs on Mobvoi’s Realtime OS and the 1.28-inch, 240 x 240 pixel, display (enclosed within a 48mm chassis) is TFT rather than AMOLED.


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The GTX is also devoid of GPS and Wi-Fi, so you’ll have to rely on a Bluetooth connection to your phone for getting notifications or navigation features.

The new Mobvoi TicWatch GTX is available now, direct from Mobvoi with a 10% discount on the regular price. Available in black, it’s also on sale through Amazon who also appear to be offering that 10% discount as well.

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