TicSleep app now ready for the TicWatch Pro, Pro 4G/LTE

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TicSleep TicWatch

It’s been over two years since we were introduced to TicWatch. The brand of wearable devices first started on Kickstarter but it has since grown into a household name for those looking for unique and nicer looking smartwatches. A number of models have been introduced already from the original to the TicWatch 2, TicWatch S/S2, TicWatch E/E2, TicWatch C2, TicWatch Pro, and the recently introduced TicWatch Pro 4G. These watches can be still be upgraded with a few software updates or new apps.

TicSleep is one of the many apps available for the TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE. We’re not sure though if it’s supported on other models. The app is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

The TicWatch team officially announced the rollout of the TicSleep app that is basically for sleep tracking. It works on Wear OS. For the app to really function, you need to wear your watch before you sleep. Keep it on your wrist for sleep tracking.

Remember, the goal is for you to get eight hours of sleep every night. The app will track the quality of your sleep so you’ll know if you are getting enough or the right kind of sleep each day. Doing so will help you make adjustments to your fitness and health routine and schedule.

TicWatch Pro 4G Pro 4G LTE with TicSleep App

If the Wear OS-powered watch tells you you haven’t slept enough, you may want to pause and rest. Your health is on the line here. The app can also sync with your other health and exercise data for complete fitness tracking.

You need to enable Data Sync first. To start, update all the TicWatch apps from TicHealth to TicExercise, TicAccount, and TicPrivacy on your smartwatch. Choose enable ‘Data sync’. You can disable or enable the Bluetooth connectivity right there.

The TicSleep mobile app will not help you and make you fall asleep. You have other apps to help you snooze but this one will simply check the quality of your sleep. It’s about time you know more about your sleep behavior and patterns.

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