Pilot fish is hired by this company to support an application that tracks orders on a manufacturing plant’s shop floor.

“The application was written by a former employee who learned programming from a Dummies book, and had then left the company,” grumbles fish.

“The program was extremely buggy and was constantly crashing. But I was told not to modify the existing system in any fashion whatsoever because a new, better system was being written by corporate and would be delivered in six months.”

So fish spends the next six months supporting the existing system, and tells his users to be patient because a completely new version is coming.

And six months later, he checks on the new version’s status — and is told that corporate is scrapping all the work on the project and developing the new system in a different programming language. And they expect to have something in six months.

Six more months pass as fish placates his users, keeps the buggy system running and looks over the code.

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