This is the Black Friday UK deal for Surface audio fans

Microsoft’s Surface Headphones are as premium as the tablet range they share the name with. Audio quality is also way up there with the likes of Sony and Bose. And because it’s Black Friday, you’ll be able to save considerably on a new pair directly from Microsoft.

The Surface Headphones aren’t only good in the audio department either. Both cups are capacitive, allowing you to short tap to play/pause music, double tap to skip track or answer a call, triple tap to go to the previous tack, and long press to activate Cortana or decline an incoming call.

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And yes, I said Cortana. She’s loaded into the Surface Headphones. Various voice commands can be used to let Cortana handle a variety of tasks and these cups will listen out for when you want to:

  • Dictate and send email or SMS on Android or iOS.
  • Get latest calendar appointments or status.
  • Open Amazon Alexa (PC only).
  • Open a playlist on Spotify (coming to iOS soon).
  • Control music.
  • Ask about weather, trivia, conversions, general information, etc.

If you’re a fan of Surface hardware and take your music enjoyment seriously, the Surface Headphones at this discounted price is a solid deal.

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