This is probably my favorite Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera feature

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The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra isn’t as ‘ultra’ as the Galaxy S20 Ultra when you talk about pure numbers, but being a newer flagship, it naturally offers some features that aren’t available on any other Galaxy phone, at least right now. Many of those features are found in the camera app, and I think I already have a favorite among those: the ability to shoot 120 fps videos.The 120Hz display on the Galaxy S20 Ultra works wonders when you’re navigating the user interface or browsing the web, but the high refresh rate doesn’t work in a lot of scenarios. Most games don’t seem to support it, it gets disabled inside apps like Google Maps, and the videos you shoot with the camera are also limited to 60 frames per second. With the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung has solved at least one of those limitations by adding 120 fps video recording.Now, you can record videos that look much smoother than was possible before and take advantage of the high refresh rate screen. However, I’m not happy that 120 fps video is only available in Pro video mode, though I think I know the reason: It’s probably because 120 fps videos won’t always work great indoors and in low-light situations, since they are recorded at a fast shutter speed that reduces the amount of light the camera can capture and introduces flickering, which isn’t something the average customer wants to see.Still, 120 fps video is a welcome addition, and I’m assuming Samsung will also bring it to the Galaxy S20 series with an update. If you have a Galaxy S20 series phone and want to see how a 120 fps videos plays on it (or on your high refresh rate PC monitor), you can download this clip that I have uploaded to Google Drive. (Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t support anything beyond 60 frames per second, so you will have to manually download that clip and then run it from your phone’s gallery/file manager.)

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