This is how to turn a Windows 11 PC into a mobile hotspot

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On Windows 11, you can share your internet connection with other computers, and even phones, using the mobile hotspot feature without additional software or completed steps.

The ability to create a wireless hotspot can be useful in many scenarios. For example, if you are in a place with only wired connectivity and want to connect your tablet or phone to the internet. Or you are in a location where you are the only one with a cellular plan, and you want to share the internet with other people.

Whatever the reason, Windows 11 makes it easy to share an internet connection or access the local network with the mobile hotspot feature available through the Settings app.

In this Windows 11 guide, we will walk you through the steps to share an internet connection using the mobile hotspot feature.

How to configure mobile hotspot on Windows 11

On Windows 11, you can share an internet connection available through an Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data plan. However, the device must have at least one wireless network adapter that will function as the access point for other computers to connect.

To create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Windows 11 to share the internet with other devices, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Network & internet.
  3. Click the Mobile hotspot page on the right side.

    Open Mobile Hotspot

    Source: Windows Central

  4. Use the “Share my internet connection from” setting and select the network adapter connected to the internet to share the connection — for example, Ethernet.
  5. Under the “Properties” section, click the Edit button.

    Mobile Hotspot settings

    Source: Windows Central

  6. Confirm a name for the mobile hotspot.
  7. Create a password that other devices will use to access the connection.

    Network Hotspot Configuration

    Source: Windows Central

  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Turn on the Mobile hotspot toggle switch to start sharing the internet.

    Enable Mobile Hotspot

    Source: Windows Central

  10. (Optional) Turn off the Power saving option to keep broadcasting even when no device is connected. Otherwise, you will need to turn on the feature again to allow computers to connect.

Once you complete the steps, Windows 11 will allow up to eight computers or phones (Android and even iPhone) to connect to the internet.

The connection process should be the same as connecting to any access point through the Taskbar using the network flyout and selecting the wireless network on the list, Settings app, Control Panel, or Command Prompt. The devices connected through the mobile hotspot will be listed under the Properties section of the “Mobile hotspot” page.

How to enable mobile hotspot on Windows 11

Since you probably won’t be sharing an internet connection all the time, you can use these steps to enable or disable the feature:

  1. Click the network icon in the Taskbar System Tray.

    Quick tip: You can also open Quick Settings using the Windows key + A keyboard shortcut.

  2. Click the Mobile hotspot button to turn the feature on or off.

    Mobile Hotspot enable from Taskbar

    Source: Windows Central

Alternatively, you can manage the state of the mobile hotspot from the Settings app using these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Network & internet.
  3. Turn on or turn off the Mobile hotspot toggle switch (as necessary).

    Mobile hotspot enable from Settings

    Source: Windows Central

After you complete these steps, the hotspot will enable, and devices should be able to see and connect to the network.

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