This is how the Google Pixel 5 phone could look like

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Google Pixel 5 Phone

The Google Pixel team is working on new Pixel phones. There is the Pixel 4a series and the Pixel 5 later this year. The Pixel 4a will be mid-range while the Pixel 5 will be the new flagship. As we always say, it is never too early for speculations and rumors when it comes to gadgets. The Pixel 4 from last year was actually first mentioned in February–eight months before the October launch. Back then, it was only mentioned to have Android Q with improved Dual-SIM function.

As for the Pixel 5, it was mentioned here as early as January. Their fishy code names were discovered. We also recently noted the Google Pixel 5 may come with an ultra low power mode feature. Over the weekend, a set of Pixel 5 renders surfaced on YouTube.

These are probably the first renders available. Our source said there are three prototype designs available. They are mostly similar–all bearing the surprised emoji face. The rest of the back looks like the older Pixels.

Google seems to be focusing on the cameras. The Pixel 4 phones showed a squarish rectangular camera module almost similar to the new iPhone 11. The Pixel 5 could have something that looks like a face.

The camera module is U-shaped with two cameras on top (eyes), LED flash in the middle (nose), and a third camera as the “mouth”. We’re not imagining things here but the image does look like a face.

We know this is only the first look. More will be presented in the coming months and until a few hours before the Pixel 5 is officially and publicly launched. Let’s wait and see.

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