This is a good time to buy Samsung wireless chargers in the US

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Most high-end smartphones these days feature Qi wireless charging. Some smartwatches and truly wireless earphones are compatible with wireless charging as well. If you have such a smartphone or wearable device, and if you’ve been meaning to buy a wireless charger for your devices, this is an excellent time to buy one.

Samsung’s wireless chargers are discounted in the US today. The South Korean firm is offering as much as a 40% discount on its wireless chargers and pads. The Wireless Charger, priced initially at $40, is now being sold for just $24. It comes in two colors so you can buy the one that suits your desk. The Wireless Charger Convertible, which can be used in horizontal or vertical modes, is being sold for just $30. That’s a $20 discount over its original price.

The Wireless Charger Duo, which can be used to charge a smartphone and a Galaxy smartwatch, is priced at just $36. That is a $24 discount compared to its original price of $60. The Wireless Charger Trio can accommodate your smartphone, truly wireless earbuds, and Galaxy smartwatch simultaneously, and it can be lapped up for just $54. That’s a whopping $36 discount compared to the original pricing.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the links below to find the best wireless charger for your Samsung device.

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