This HP Envy Photo Printer is crazy cheap for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

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We live in an age of Instagrams, Tiktoks, and Snapchats. Nobody ever prints their photos anymore, wishing them away into a digital ether never to be seen again. Every now and then it’s okay to indulge your inner boomer and go for something a little more analog, like, oh I don’t know, physical photographs. Insane I know.

Few people actually print and keep their own photos nowadays, but they can be fun to create gifts or mementos for loved ones, commemorate a special occasion, or create postcards.

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This printer comes with extra ink, photo paper, and everything you need to get started printing pictures wirelessly or via USB. You can use the HP Smart app on a mobile phone to send images across as well, skipping the need for a full-blown PC.

Print ’em up

HP ENVY Photo 6222 Wireless Printer

Rip those selfies out of cyberspace

What if photographs could be physical like the good old days? This $20 cheaper photo printer can make that a reality. It can’t make any of us more attractive though, sadly.

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