This excellent Xbox controller is 20% off for Prime Day

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Unlike the PS5, Xbox fans will be able to carry forward their controllers to play games optimised for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Which means that Prime Day is a prime (see what I did there) opportunity to get yourself a new input ready for the big launch next month.

My own favorite controller, the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is currently at its lowest price to date on Amazon as part of Prime Day, and it’s a terrific buy. Even if you’re sticking with Xbox One for a while, there’s so much to love about the Wolverine Ultimate I still recommend it to people over even the latest Elite controller from Microsoft.

And at $83 it’s an absolute no-brainer.

When I originally reviewed the Wolverine Tournament Edition I said this:

“The size and form factor is perfect, the rear grips add just the right amount of texture and I love the click on the ABXY buttons.”

That sums up much of why it’s such a good controller. The controller follows a similar design to the standard Microsoft affair, putting grips in the all the right places, weighing not much at all and having truly fantastic quality buttons.

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Then you look at the rest of the controller. Prior to moving to this I was a long-term Elite controller user but I haven’t looked back in over two years. The positioning of the paddles on the Elite was OK, but I didn’t appreciate the design, nor that I managed to pop them off several times at the most inconvenient moment.

The Wolverine Tournament Edition instead goes with two large rear buttons mounted exactly where the hand curls around the controller for comfort and ease of use. And instead of having four rear paddles/buttons, the other two are mounted by the shoulder bumpers. For the games I play and how I like to have it set up this is actually a much nicer layout, as I’ve never got along with having four close together on the back, but now I’m using all the additional buttons.

When I reviewed it there was two main things I didn’t like. One was the price, and the other was the cable. Not that it’s wired, because I actually prefer that. As someone with two young children and endless toys and devices that need batteries or charging, I’m happy not to have to worry about my controller running out when I finally get time to play. but don’t lose it, because it’s got a first-party connection around the microUSB. As for the price, well that’s not an issue on Prime Day.

When Prime Day ends, this deal will be gone. And since you can take this forward to the next-gen Xbox consoles, there’s no reason not to upgrade right now.

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