This $800 HD pocket projector is $255 for Labor Day

It’s easy to watch an entire movie from the convenience of your smartphone, but enjoying it with more than one person requires a larger display. That’s no biggie when you’re at home, but what if you’re away on a camping trip or need something big for a LAN party? Luckily, with this $299.99 Prima Projector is all you need. This weekend, use code SAVE15WEEKEND at checkout and get it for just $255.

The Prima Projector is a light, portable projector that’s about the same size as an iPhone 7, meaning you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag with next to no additional bulk. It projects a crisp, 1080p display at 200 inches wide, which is perfect for movies, games, lectures, or more. To project an image, all you have to do is connect the Prima to your devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or with one of the Prima’s ports. Additionally, you can control the Prima’s media controls through your phone, laptop, tablet, or more.

There’s no way you’re hauling your TV for your next camping trip or LAN party. With the Prima Projector, you can bring 1080p entertainment everywhere you go for $299.99, or 62% off. Use code SAVE15WEEKEND and to knock an extra $45 off for Labor Day.

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