This 5 hour long video tour of the Hermitage was recorded on an iPhone 11 Pro in one continuous shot

Now is not the best time to travel, so let Apple take you to an epic journey through the iconic Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The video was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro and is over 5 hours long so you better settle in.

The most amazing thing about the video is that it was shot in one continuous take in 4K resolution. Remember the days when phones were capped at 10 minutes of 4K video? Apple sure doesn’t. Never mind how much a 5 hour video will stress the battery and storage on most phones. The iPhone 11 Pro still had 19% battery charge remaining after the recording was complete.

Anyway, the video will take you through 45 galleries and features 588 masterpieces. And if seeing the works of Rembrandt and Caravaggio aren’t enough, there are two live performances. The first one starts around the 3 hour mark, so you may want to use the times provided video description.

If you don’t have 5 hours free right now, you can still get a taste of the Hermitage with this minute and a half long trailer.

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