This 1TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD is 44% off thanks to Black Friday savings

You can never have enough storage in your PC, which is why the best SSD options are continuing to grow in size. Whereas 1TB of storage space seemed enormous just a few years ago, it’s now a regular size. And though prices have come down a lot, you’re still looking at a sizable chunk of change for this much storage. That is unless you’re getting a Black Friday deal like this one, which brings the price of the SK hynix Gold S31 1TB SSD down to $90. That’s 44% off the regular price.

Ever since I reviewed the SK hynix Gold S31 about a year ago, it has remained in my main PC as a backbone for storage needs. It might not have as fancy of supporting software as some other top options, but otherwise it’s a formidable contender that checks all the right boxes. It’s also a recipient of the Windows Central Recommended Award.

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This is a SATA drive so it won’t hit speeds found in PCIe drives, but it’s still at the ceiling of what’s expected from this class of drive. Read speeds in my testing hit around 562 MB/s, while write speeds hit around 531 MB/s. That puts it well within the arena of the extremely popular Samsung 860 EVO. Durability is also excellent, with a 600 TBW rating that equates to about 300MB of data written to the drive each day for the duration of the five-year warranty.

This SSD starts at a competitive price, but this Black Friday deal makes it even better. You can lately often find the drive for about $124 (the list price is set at $160), but it’s currently down to $90 with a Black Friday deal. Whether you need to bolster your desktop’s storage capacity or want to make a swap in your laptop, the Gold S31 will make a great choice.

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