Think you can throw an ATX motherboard inside the NZXT H1? Think again.

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Best answer: The NZXT H1 will only take Mini-ITX motherboards. All other ATX motherboards simply will not fit inside the compact chassis.

Go for a Mini-ITX motherboard

Like other Mini-ITX cases, the NZXT H1 is designed to be compact. You won’t be able to cram the largest PC components inside, nor will it be possible to work in a custom water-cooling loop with a sizeable radiator and reservoir. You’re short on space and the only motherboard size available to you is Mini-ITX.

Mini-ITX motherboards are essentially smaller versions of microATX motherboards, which are in turn smaller versions of ATX motherboards. You don’t lose out on any of the base functionality of a motherboard, but vendors won’t be able to fit everything on the smaller circuit board. You may have two SATA ports instead of eight or a single PCIe slot instead of four.

For the H1, the motherboard dimensions need to be 170 x 170 mm. Any Mini-ITX motherboard on the market will do, but you’ll need to select one based on which processor you plan on using. We’ve supplied two fine examples here, one for AMD-powered systems and another for Intel.

Gorgeous Case


Compact PC case with bags of potential

The H1 from NZXT may seem rather expensive, but for the price, you not only get a high-quality Mini-ITX case, but also a preinstalled 650W PSU and AIO cooler.

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