Things 3.14 Update Introduces Improved Bullet Lists, Markdown Support, Find in Text, and More

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Popular to-do app Things reached version 3.14 today and gained several additional note-related features: Bullet Lists, Markdown support, Find in Text, and Things Cloud “Fractus.”

1 Bullet Lists
Things has supported bullet lists before now, but you can now nest lists by inserting spaces in front of a bullet, and character lines now line up with the text of the previous line, thanks to the use of a fixed-width font.

When editing bullet lists, Things will now make the process a little easier by automatically stripping out “double bullets” during copy-paste.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Find in Text option that augments the existing search by searching specific notes. The option can be activated using the key shortcut Shift-Command-F, and is aimed at making it easier to narrow down a search in particularly long notes.

In addition, Things now recognizes a wide range of commonly used Markdown syntax, making it easier to structure and style notes.

3 Markdown on iOS

Lastly, Things Cloud “Fractus” is a new way of syncing text. Until now, each time the user modified a note – say to insert or remove a few words – the entire note would be synced again across all their devices.

With Things Cloud “Fractus”, however, only the fragments of text that are modified get synced, which should improve the speed and efficiency of the sync, and allow for smarter resolution of conflicts.

Things 3.14 can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $49.99 and from the iOS App Store. The iPad version is priced at $19.99 [Direct Link] while the iPhone version (which includes Apple Watch support) is priced at $9.99. [Direct Link] A 15-day trial of Things for Mac is available on the Cultured Code website.

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