They Are Billions gets campaign mode on consoles

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They Are Billions is a cult classic zombie apocalypse strategy game set in a steampunk future, where humanity clings to a bleak existence in a dark world plagued by billions of zombies. The game is a success story on Steam, enjoying a large following and plenty of free updates, including a sizeable campaign mode.

In Windows Central’s review, Jez Corden wrote, “I well and truly love They Are Billions, having been drawn back to it multiple times on Steam over the past year. It’s equal parts satisfying and addictive, as you ascend the tech tree turning your settlement from a desperate campsite into a sprawling, steampunk metropolis. Sadly, the transition to console hasn’t done the game justice, owing to awful controls and the omission of the campaign mode.”

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This update also includes tweaked gamepad controls, something that players have been asking for since the title launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The help menu is also better now. If you already own the game, the update is free. However, if you’re a first-time buyer, the price has gone up for $25 to $30 since it’s complete now.

Zombie apocalypse simulator

They Are Billions

Please, please play with a mouse and keyboard

They Are Billions is a successful cult strategy game on Steam, but its translation to console hasn’t been smooth, practically begging you to use a mouse and keyboard.

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