These Surface Duo skins are pretty wild

We’ve started to see several companies release skins for Surface Duo, including SopiGuard and dbrand. However, if you want to take things a step beyond experimenting with colors and materials, Mighty Skins has some pretty wild options that can add a ton of personality to your Duo.

There are skins with designs ranging from marble and camo to surreal and pop art here. Some of the looks are, well, questionable, to say the least. But there are some pretty cool ones that complement the Duo well, too.

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In addition to the different art collections, Mighty Skins also lets you create your own custom skins. All you have to do is upload an image and see how it will look on the Duo. From there, you can order your custom design starting at $20.

Mighty Skins’ skins start at $15 and shipping comes in at $5. You can check out the full list of collections for more at Mighty Skins now.

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