These custom PC builds are perfect for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Gaming PC Builds for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a hit, and the game can even be taxing on PCs with the best graphics card, which is why we’ve put together a few build suggestions to get you on the right track. Whether you plan on building a new gaming PC from scratch or wish to upgrade an older desktop already in use, these PC builds surpass the requirements for Microsoft’s expansive flight sim.

Choosing the right PC build for you

Putting together the right build for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 largely comes down to the GPU. Even with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER GPU, one of the best graphics cards available right now, you’re going to struggle to play the game at 4K on maximum settings. It’s possible, but you will notice some significant drops in the framerate. What we’d recommend for 4K is to wait for NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series of GPUs and try out the RTX 3080.

If you don’t mind turning down the settings a little and simply want to enjoy the game at maximum resolution on your brand new monitor, our high-end gaming PC build is the way to go. The RTX 3080 SUPER is an excellent GPU that will not only play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 really well but also most other PC games available right now.

If you’d rather save a little and enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 at 1080p or 1440p, our other two recommended PC builds will be a good match for your needs and wallet.

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