These are the very best 1440p QHD monitors available today

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AOC Agon AG241QG

Source: AOC

Best 1440p Monitors Windows Central 2020

Using 1440p (QHD) displays with Windows 10 allows you to be far more productive than with older 1080p (Full HD) monitors. The Dell UltraSharp U2719D is a stunning display with fantastic color reproduction and is our top pick.

Best Overall: Dell UltraSharp U2719D

Dell UltraSharp U2719D

Source: Dell

There are several trustworthy 1440p panels available, depending on what you’re after. Some screens support AMD FreeSync, and others go with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC. But our best option here is a display that can be used for both work and play, all without destroying the budget on a new PC build. The U2719D has been around for some time but still holds up against the competition and newer models.

Dell didn’t add any cool features but instead focused on making a fine display.

Unfortunately, because it’s priced aggressively, Dell has not included support for synchronization technologies. But that’s fine when you’re not looking to pay out much for said features that can increase pricing considerably. The U2719D aesthetics are clean and pleasing to look at, ideal for something you’ll be staring at for hours at a time. The stand itself is more than adequate to support the weight of the monitor, and the option for VESA mounting ensures you’re able to fit the display into the work environment.

When it comes to the visual experience, Dell has opted for an IPS panel, and everything works to a high standard even before calibration. For connectivity, the U2719D offers a single HDMI (1.4) and two DisplayPort (version 1.4/MST), so you’ll be able to not only hook up a Windows PC (or Mac, depending on which team you support), but also a game console. There are even five USB 3.0 ports to connect a bunch of devices.


  • Great color reproduction
  • IPS panel technology
  • VESA mount support
  • Multiple input ports
  • Dead pixel replacement


  • No sync tech
  • 60Hz refresh rate

Best Overall

Dell UltraSharp U2719D

A solid 1440p display

Dell offers an affordable monitor with reliable color reproduction, a thin bezel, IPS tech, and attractive aesthetics.

Runner-up: BenQ SW270C

BenQ SW270C

Source: Windows Central

BenQ makes some killer professional displays, and the SW270C is a tremendous 1440p option. The QHD resolution combined with USB Type-C ports allows you to daisy-chain up to four of these displays for extended screen real estate. You’ve also got killer color reproduction with 100% sRGB and Rec.709 color space support.

Where it does suffer is in the gaming department. There’s no sync tech support for FreeSync or G-Sync, and the refresh rate is locked to a maximum of 60Hz. The response time is pretty good, though, coming in at 5ms; just don’t expect flawless performance in the latest titles.

In an attempt to sweeten the deal, BenQ also added in darkroom, CAD/cam, and animation display modes for the more creative owners. Combined with the panel itself, you know the content displayed is going to look sharp.


  • Gorgeous colors
  • Thin bezels
  • Stunning design
  • Excellent colors
  • USB Type-C dock


  • 60Hz refresh rate


BenQ SW270C

A gorgeous display with handy features

BenQ offers some premium displays, and this 27-inch model is a stunning option for anyone looking for a new 1440p display.

Best Value: Acer G257HU

Acer G257HU

Source: Acer

This isn’t Acer’s best gaming display, and it’s certainly not the most advanced screen on the market. But it’ll let you play games with some promising results at an attractive price. We’ve got the QHD resolution, the response time of just 4ms, 60Hz, IPS panel tech, but no sync tech support.

Unfortunately, for gamers, to truly enjoy games on how developers intended, they need to fork out for vastly more expensive monitors. Still, you can still enjoy the latest PC titles with this panel from Acer, so long as you don’t mind the slower refresh rate. Because it’s an IPS panel, the colors and viewing angles are solid.


  • Affordable
  • IPS display
  • Thin bezels
  • VESA mounting
  • Solid colors


  • No sync support
  • 60Hz refresh rate

Best Value

Acer G257HU

Ideal for those on a budget

The 1440p resolution of the Acer G257HU allows for gaming with higher fidelity, as well as increased workloads during the day.



Source: ASUS

This is a monster of a gaming display, especially if you own an NVIDIA GPU. ASUS has included NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, which allows the monitor and your GPU to communicate with one another directly, allowing for a synchronized output, matching the refresh rate of the display with your current frame rate. This makes for a vastly smoother visual experience.

Couple this technology with the 1440p resolution, super-fast 1ms response time, 165Hz refresh rate, and other features like lower blue light emissions, and you’ve got one killer display for downtime. The only drawback for some may be the price, but it’s well worth it if your budget can stretch a little.

Got enough for more than one? You’ll be able to hook up two of these and take advantage of the extended screen real estate with small bezels to create a more immersive experience.


  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Great for gaming
  • G-Sync
  • Small bezels

Best G-Sync


For when you want tear-free gameplay

1440p resolution? Check. 165Hz refresh rate? Check. 1ms response time? You got it. Support for NVIDIA G-SYNC technology? Game on.

Best FreeSync: Acer Nitro VG271U

Acer Nitro VG271U

Source: Acer

Acer is also known for its gaming displays, and the Nitro VG271U is an excellent option for AMD GPU owners. There’s a refresh rate of 144Hz, a response time of just 1ms, and an IPS panel to make everything look great on-screen. FreeSync is similar to NVIDIA’s G-Sync, allowing the monitor and GPU to communicate for a smoother gaming experience.

Acer has this display calibrated well from the factory, allowing you to simply plug and play. It ticks all the right boxes for an AMD gaming rig, and there’s even HDR, though it’s not the best. Top all this off with a pretty attractive design, and it becomes a monitor you should consider.


  • Great value
  • Excellent gaming display
  • FreeSync
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time


  • HDR isn’t perfect

Best FreeSync

Acer Nitro VG271U

A worthwhile investment for any AMD gamer

Our AMD FreeSync pick goes to Acer. The Nitro VG271U comes rocking HDR and solid visuals.

Best Curved: Samsung CJG56

Samsung CJG56

Source: Samsung

This curved display from Samsung may be part of the company’s gaming line-up, but it’s also pretty good for productivity too. The 144Hz refresh rate is not only handy for smoother gaming, but also enhanced visuals throughout the OS and software, allowing the monitor to refresh the image displayed on-screen more times per second.

You’ve got a resolution of 1440p, 3000:1 contrast ratio, pretty good color reproduction, and the fact it’s a 1800R curved panel. The on-screen display (OSD) is pretty good, too, allowing you to change settings easily and quickly. There’s also FreeSync for AMD GPUs.

Just remember to buy a DisplayPort cable as this screen doesn’t come with one.


  • Curved display
  • Good for gaming
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Various display modes
  • Good OSD


  • No DisplayPort cable

Best Curved

Samsung CJG56

Curved and 1440p

Samsung offers a compelling package here with a 1440p resolution, all in a curved chassis.

Bottom line

We’d recommend anyone setting up a new PC to use a 1440p monitor. Dell’s UltraSharp U2719D offers IPS technology, solid colors, high clarity, and connectivity in an affordable package. Not only will you be able to use this display for work, but also some downtime with movies or games.

There are plenty of 1440p displays around, but this one takes our number one spot. You may need to sacrifice synchronization with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs for gaming, but as long as your GPU is powerful enough to throw enough frames at the display, you’ll not notice much of an issue. For a monitor that works for productivity and gaming, look no further.

If you’re all about saving some money, the Acer G257HU is your ideal solution. Not only is this the most budget-friendly monitor in our round-up, but also rocks an IPS panel, thin bezels, VESA mounting support, and excellent color reproduction. There’s just no synchronization support or a refresh rate above 60Hz.

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