These are the best printers using frickin lasers!

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Best Laser Printers Windows Central 2019

If you need to print in large quantities or just want something that looks extra sharp, then a laser printer is a good investment. Laser printers do take some time to heat up, and upfront costs are more than inkjet printers. Still, for volume and clarity, they can’t be beaten, making them particularly good value for businesses and home office environments.

Black Friday is a great time to shop for a new laser printer, as there will be some pretty hefty discounts likely coming to these and other laser printers from a host of manufacturers. We’re frequently updating our buyer’s guides to ensure we’re offering the best buying advice and featuring the best deals to help you save money.

Latest Black Friday Laser Printer Deals


All of these are excellent laser printers, but the Brother HL-L2350DW has the edge. It’s well priced, offers quality and efficiency, and won’t look out of place in the home or office. And it’s not enormous either, which is always helpful!

You don’t get everything with this printer, for example, you can’t print in color. But given the more regular use cases for laser printers, it’s not a massive omission. Folks looking for top quality color prints will want an inkjet printer, anyway.

The party piece is the Amazon Dash integration. Once set up, the printer can order its own replacement toner, so you never have to worry about running out at the crucial time. And automating a task such as ordering printer toner will never be a bad thing!

How to shop for the best Black Friday deals on a new laser printer

Black Friday is an excellent time to buy a new laser printer, but it’s also a time to shop smart and ensure you don’t jump on the wrong deal. Just because something is reduced, doesn’t automatically make it a good buy. The primary considerations should remain the same as they would if you were shopping at any other time of the year. Consider carefully what you need to print regularly, whether you really need color or can get by with black and white, and also, how much space do you have? Laser printers can get LARGE!

You can expect to see Black Friday deals on laser printers from leading players, such as Brother, Samsung, Canon, and HP, and there will be chances to get some truly great deals. Look out for substantial discounts on older models potentially at a considerable saving to your wallet. Printers age a lot better than many other PC accessories, so there are savings to be made just for getting older stock.

Our deals team’s mission is to deliver the best deals on laptops as we enter one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year, and you’ll find them all here on Windows Central.

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