These apps help you customize the look of Windows 11

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apps to customize the look of Windows 11
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Windows 11 brings a new look to PCs, including a brand-new Start menu and a redesigned taskbar. New, however, isn’t always better. If you dislike the look of Windows 11, there are plenty of apps that make it easy to customize your PC. From bringing back the classic Start menu to having an animated background, these are the best apps to customize the look of your Windows 11 PC.

If we’re making some suggestions

Since Windows 11 is brand-new, we’ll have to test out some of the best apps to customize Windows 10. As we check to see whether those apps work well with Windows 11, we’ll continue to update this list.

For now, Start11 is a great place to, well, start. It lets you customize the look of the Windows 11 Start menu. You can also use it to bring back classic Start menu designs, such as those seen on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

If you like the overall look of Windows 11 but just want to add a personal touch, Lively Wallpaper lets you set images, videos, and webpages as your PC’s background.

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