There’s a new Snapshot for the Java Edition of Minecraft available now

Mojang has taken to Twitter once again to announce the release of a new Snapshot for Minecraft. The Snapshot is based on the latest version of Minecraft and makes some important changes to Minecraft’s established combat system. The combat system present in Minecraft has changed very little since Minecraft’s introduction, so any changes making the combat more dynamic and fluid are welcome. You can read more about the changes here.

Right now, this Snapshot is purely experimental, and may not show up in Minecraft any time soon. This is separate from the main game, and won’t be released unless Mojang decides it’s ready for primetime. To learn more about how to install and play Snapshots in Minecraft: Java Edition, you can read our comprehensive guide right here.

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Some of the changes made to Minecraft’s combat system include:

  • Faster attack rates for weapons.
  • Lower attack damage for weapons.
  • Variances in reach between weapons, like the hoe having a longer reach than the sword.
  • Projectiles are more accurate and have more realistic physics.
  • Changes to how attacks work.
  • Changes to how food works.
  • And much more.

This Snapshot is available right now, but if you’re not interested in messing around with experimental slices of Minecraft, you can buy the modern Bedrock Edition on the platform of your choice.

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