There are two new Minecraft: Bedrock Edition betas to try out

Just as Mojang is releasing a new Java Edition snapshot focusing on fixes for the Nether Update, two beta builds for the Bedrock Edition come out as well. Both these builds for Minecraft are all about bug fixes and optimizations, with no new features anywhere in sight.

Yes, I said two builds. Presumably Mojang is sort of A/B testing these builds, meaning that one group will get the slightly older build with the majority if the fixes, while the other group will get the build that builds a few more fixes on top of that. Mojang may be seeking additional feedback on specific fixes made in the .60 build, hence the split release.

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Either way, these builds are nothing but fixes, which is great considering the likely ever imminent release of the Nether Update. Mojang needs to get the update in perfect shape for the general public, so expect a lot more beta builds and snapshots featuring mostly quality-of-life improvements over the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in reading the full changelog, you can find that here. Otherwise, you can read up on how to join the beta program for Minecraft on Windows 10, Xbox, and Android here.

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