The Xbox Series X|S are the fastest-selling Xbox generation so far

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Xbox Series X, Xbox Series SSource: Matt Brown | Windows Central

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are undeniably refined gaming machines, with capable hardware partnered with a wide selection of the best Xbox games you can play. Players interested in what the consoles have to offer have so far struggled to obtain the elusive consoles, however, due to ongoing global chip shortages and supply constraints, problems that afflict most of the industry. Despite these challenges, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed in an interview with the New York Times, on Monday, that Xbox Series X|S is the fastest-selling Xbox generation yet.

During the interview, Spencer stated, “At this point, we’ve sold more of this generation of Xboxes, which is Xbox Series X and S, than we had any previous version of Xboxes.” It’s still difficult to find Xbox Series X or Series S reliably in stock practically anywhere in the world, as supply continues to fail to meet overwhelming demand for the new consoles (and offerings from both Sony and Nintendo with the PS5 and Switch). Still, the console duo has, at this point in their release cycle, sold more than any previous generation of Xbox consoles at the same point in their respective lifetime.

We unfortunately don’t know the exact number of Xbox Series X|S consoles that have been sold since their release in Nov. 2020, as Xbox no longer shares those sales numbers in its financial reports, but the milestone is nonetheless impressive as Xbox Series X|S have outsold the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox console families at the same point in their generation.

It’s an undeniable accomplishment, especially as demand will likely continue to increase as Xbox continues to evolve throughout 2022 and beyond. 2021 saw the release of several critically acclaimed titles from Xbox Game Studios like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. 2022 is similarly packed with highly-anticipated entries from the gaming behemoth, such as Starfield and more. Supply constraints, video game delays, and other challenges will probably continue into 2022, but Xbox is continually seeking new ways to get its powerful Xbox Series X and S consoles into the hands of players.

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