The upcoming Sun Valley update will round off the sharpness of Windows 10

Surface Pro XSource: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

Windows 10 is set to get a major overhaul with its upcoming Sun Valley update. The teases and glimpses that we’ve seen so far who a modern operating system with a unified look. The Start Menu, apps list, notifications and action center, and several other elements are easier on the eyes and follow a design language. Now, a tweet from Twitter user “@TheXamlGuy” is making the rounds with an image of a new Taskbar menu.

There are some important pieces of context when looking at this image, however. The rounded Taskbar Jump List shown off only appears after you enable some options through the shell experience. Because of this, it isn’t exactly what the Jump List currently planned looks like. That being said, based on information we’ve received from sources, the Jump List in the image is similar to what is planned.

The overall direction of the Windows 10 Sun Valley update is modernization. Microsoft wants to reinvigorate, reinvest in, and rejuvenate Windows 10, and a unified modern look is part of its efforts. The rounded corners and overall design of the Jump List from the Taskbar line up well with the notifications and action center, Start menu, and other elements of the update.

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Our executive editor Zac Bowden said this of the upcoming changes:

Regarding the Start menu, I know that Microsoft is working to round off “sharp” elements of its UI, such as the corners around live tiles and the Start menu itself. Context menus and Jump Lists in the Start menu and Taskbar are also expected to get the rounded corner treatment, along with most modern in-box apps.

Bowden showed off the Jump List from the Taskbar back in February, though it’s worth noting that designs for the Sun Valley update were not finalized at this point.

People have clamored for a visual overhaul of Windows 10 for years. Inconsistent menus, outdated design, and other odd elements appear to be on the way out for Microsoft’s operating system.

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