The Sero TV designed for smartphone users is out now in USA and UK

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Samsung’s pivoted mobile-friendly TV, The Sero, is finally launching in the USA and the UK. After debuting in South Korea last year, The Sero was brought to CES 2020 where Samsung confirmed that it will release the TV model to more markets by the end of the year.Samsung’s lifestyle TV wrapped in an eco-friendly packaging is finally available in the USA as of this writing. It has a 43-inch display and it costs $1,999 or $55.56 a month for 36 months with Samsung Financing. The Sero was also officially confirmed for the UK earlier today. The product page is already live, so even if the product is not yet available for purchase online in the UK, this could change by the time you’re reading this story. In the UK, The Sero is going to be listed alongside a price tag of £1,599.A TV designed for Galaxy smartphone usersThe Sero is an unusual TV, and that’s not just because it comes wrapped in an eco-friendly package that can earn you prizes of up to $10,000 from Dezeen and Samsung. What sets this TV model apart from any other is its design. The large 43-inch display pivots around the center, meaning it can physically switch between portrait and landscape orientations automatically.Regardless if you buy the TV in the USA, the UK, or in other markets, mirroring content from your Galaxy smartphone to The Sero is as easy as tapping the phone against the TV’s frame. The TV will then change orientation depending on how you hold your connected phone. It also comes with a 60-watt audio system built into its base. Check the links below for more detailsBuy The Sero online from Samsung USACheck The Sero online at Samsung UK

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