The Sero goes on sale in the Netherlands with a limited-time bonus in tow

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Samsung’s lifestyle TV, The Sero, is now available in the Netherlands earlier than expected. The company originally planned to bring The Sero to the Netherlands on September 7 but Samsung has just made a new announcement confirming today’s earlier-than-anticipated market release. The world’s most influential TV manufacturer is not only bringing The Sero to the Netherlands earlier than planned but it has also prepared a special bonus for early adopters.

Customers buying The Sero before September 27 will receive a set of The Sero wheels worth 99 euro for free. The Sero is a rotating TV that’s inseparable from its stand, or base if you will, and comes with its own 4.1 channel 60-watt sound system. The base is what makes it possible for the QLED 4K display to rotate in landscape and portrait modes depending on the type of content you’re mirroring from your smartphone.

The Sero has a 43-inch display and it’s labeled by Samsung as the most mobile-friendly TV for good reasons. It is sort of a niche product designed for avid smartphone users, but of course, it can also be used as a regular TV instead of a smartphone extension. Nevertheless, Samsung’s thought process when creating The Sero was that 90% of videos found online are shot in portrait mode, therefore it created a rotating TV that can adjust according to the media content it displays. The Sero is compatible with Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.1 or higher.

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