The semiconductor manufacturing circuit is being led by Samsung

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Semiconductors are the hot item on everyone’s minds these days thanks to the world’s semiconductor shortage. Leaders in this space, such as Intel and Samsung, have been duking it out to be top dog for some time now, and just recently, Samsung managed to snag the number one spot.

As of Q2 2021, Samsung now leads the pack in terms of raw revenue, according to The McClean Report (via Tom’s Hardware). The company managed $20.29 billion between April and June of 2021, whereas Intel achieved $19.3 billion.

Based on the report, it appears that DRAM and NAND average sale prices are what has put Samsung on top. However, what’s helped Samsung climb to the top of the pile today may not do so tomorrow, since both companies are always shaking up their strategies in attempts to beat out the competition. For example, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has made it clear he wants Intel to gobble up competitors and be to the semiconductor industry what Bruticus is to the Transformers. If he gets his way, Intel will continue to grow at a steady clip.

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But eating other companies isn’t Intel’s only play. It’s also making bold strides with its existing operations, such as the upcoming Alder Lake developments or its attempt to join in on making the best graphics cards.

In short, though Intel’s not currently sitting highest on the mountain, the odds are good it’ll have a shot at kingship down the line. Unless Samsung keeps benefiting from DRAM and NAND revenue to the point of being untouchable. Or if another competitor rises up and kicks both companies to the curb.

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