The Scarif update for Star Wars Battlefront II is now aiming for April

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While the next update for Star Wars Battlefront II was supposed to release back in late February, the team had to adjust to working from home and as a result, things have slipped. Today, a new community update has shed some light on when players can expect to hit the beaches of Scarif. The update is now tentatively planned to release sometime in mid-April.

We wanted to give you a few updates on Star Wars Battlefront II. As you may have seen, last week DICE began its work from home operations in order to best protect the team’s health and well-being. The Star Wars team have now moved away from our office setup and into our homes. Work continues on the game but the adjustment from the office environment into our homes has caused some knock-on effects to our workflows. We’re currently streamlining these processes and adapting as we move forward. As a result of this we have decided to move the release of the Battle on Scarif Update to Mid-April. This is our new target time-frame but as the situation continues to develop, we will keep you posted on any further timing adjustments.

While this delay is disappointing, it’s also very understandable given the state of everything going on. If anything else changes or new additions to the game are detailed, we’ll be sure to keep providing updates.

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