The Samsung SSD I use for all my PC games is on sale for Cyber Monday

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While deals can be found on PC hardware throughout the year, Black Friday is usually the best time to score some serious savings, like on this Samsung 1TB 860 EVO SSD. I already use this drive to store and run all my PC games, but I paid way above what Amazon (UK and U.S.) is asking for right now.

The 860 EVO from Samsung is a great value SSD. The drive offers read and write speeds of up to 550 MB/s and 520 MB/s, respectively. You’ve got Samsung’s fancy V NAND flash with a power draw of 4W and a five-year warranty. The SSD is rated to last for 600TB written (1TB) with 1.5 million hours of expected reliability.

Compared against similar offerings from Western Digital and Crucial (as well as Samsung’s previous generation), it’s not a bad offering at all, being outmatched by Western Digital’s Blue in speeds, but only slightly and Samsung comes out in front for random read and write (IOPS) tests. You can expect SATA SSDs to trade blows in this price range for different specs and scores.

We always found the 860 EVO to offer great performance, but at a cost. The price of the SSD range has come down over the year, but for this current discount price — the lowest we’ve seen yet — it’s a solid deal.

If you don’t quite need 1TB worth of flash storage or simply cannot stretch for nearly £100 on a single SSD, Samsung’s 250GB and 500GB 860 EVO SSDs are also on sale for £50 and £59, respectively. Though at just £9 more, there’s really no point in buying the 250GB drive.

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