The Razer Wolverine V2 Xbox controller adds Elite features for $40 OFF

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I am a fan of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, at least the concept of it. Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t seem capable of building a version of it that can survive longer than six months without breaking. Thankfully, other companies have stepped up.

While patent trolling prevents Razer from adding wirelessness to its Wolverine controllers, the Wolverine V2 boasts two additional bumper buttons and those crucial trigger locks for more rapid firing, ideal for shooting handguns or battle rifles in Halo Infinite. For Cyber Monday, it’s enjoying a neat $40 dollar discount, and won’t break after six months, unlike Microsoft’s controllers. This is one of the best Xbox deals for Cyber Monday we’ve seen thus far.

Better value than the Xbox Elite Controller

Razer Wolverine

$40 off:
Razer Wolverine V2

The Razer Wolverine V2 controller adds some much-needed competitive features to your Xbox gameplay, and won’t break after six months, unlike the Xbox Elite Controller.

The Razer Wolverine V2 is an excellent bit of kit for those looking to get a boost or a competitive edge in shooters like Halo Infinite. The extra bumpers can be mapped to crucial buttons for things like reloading or jumping, meaning you can keep your thumbs on the movement sticks at all times without having to sacrifice reactiveness from your playstyle.

This model lacks wirelessness, sadly, due to patent hoarding, but it makes up for it with trigger locks, which can be set in three stages for more rapid actuation. For shooters like Halo Infinite, this shaves crucial milliseconds between firing, and should lead you to victory in what would otherwise be perfectly matched duels.

The Wolverine V2 also has modern Xbox Series X|S features, with the new sharing button on the front of the device. The joystick sensitivity can also be adjusted, and the device overall enjoys a build quality of a higher standard than is typical on Microsoft’s own controllers, owing to Razer’s superior manufacturing processes.

For Cyber Monday, you can nab this controller for $40 less than the typical asking price, netting you those competitive features at a more competitive price.

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