The Razer Tetra is an ultra-light headset that works on all your devices

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Razer announced the Razer Tetra gaming headset today. The single-ear headset helps deliver your voice to your friends by focusing on your voice and reducing ambient noise. The Razer Tetra works with a wide range of devices, including the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PCs, and mobile phones. There is a dedicated PS4 version available in the EU. The Razer Tetra costs $30, and the Razer Tetra for PS4 costs €35.

The headset features a minimal design. It weighs only 70g and only covers one ear. It’s aimed at gamers that have a nice audio setup, such as a surround sound system, that want to be able to chat without muffling their speaker audio.

The cardioid microphone on the headset focuses on the voice-pickup range, reducing ambient noise and helping voices sound clear in chats. The device features in-line volume control and has a volume slider and mic-mute function built-in.

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