The Outer Worlds doesn’t need a colorblind mode because it’s built in

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When the Outer Worlds was released it was received with much critical acclaim. As our very own Jez Cordon says “There is no question in my mind that The Outer Worlds represents an instant classic.” What you may not know though is the game was also designed with certain accessibility options in mind from the start.

Josh Sawyer, the Studio Design Director at Obsidian, explained in a recent tweet that the team built the Outer Worlds to be “playable without color information.” If you suffer from the different types of color blindness then certain colors, when put next to each other, merge.

By making sure the Outer Worlds works without the need for color information Obsidian has opened the game up for many players to experience the game without fear of missing key parts, or having their enjoyment dampened.

Instant classic

The Outer Worlds

Most-exciting new IP in years

The Outer Worlds is a little rough around the edges similar to its ragtag crew of heroes, but it’s not for lack of heart and soul. The Outer Worlds is a tremendous journey across an entire star system RPG fans can’t miss.

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