The Oppo Reno4 F will be unveiled in Indonesia on October 12, gets shown off in multiple videos

Oppo Indonesia posted several teaser videos for the upcoming Reno4 F. The phone is “Coming Soon, October 2020” according to the videos, but a poster gives a more precise date – October 12.

The Oppo Reno4 F will be unveiled in Indonesia on October 12

The videos are still worth a watch as they highlight the key features of the phone. It will have a 7.48mm body, which is thinner than the current Reno4 models – they typically measure 7.6-7.7 mm in thickness.

The phone is equipped with a Super AMOLED display and a quad camera. The AI color portrait mode is pushed to the front as it is featured in several of the promo videos. This next clip demonstrates how that works:

There are a couple of more videos, but they don’t really cover new ground. You can find them on the Oppo Indonesia YouTube channel (which will likely keep uploading more videos).

The thumbnail of the videos offer a nice look at the Reno4 F. It goes for the square camera camera layout while the Reno4 and Reno4 Pro keep their cams in a straight line.


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