The next Galaxy Fold might sport a less visible hinge

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Samsung has applied for the ‘Hideaway Hinge’ trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on Monday, triggering speculation that the next Galaxy Fold might sport a less visible hinge. As of now, nothing about this new hinge design is known, but the name is suggestive enough the guess what the Korean company is trying to accomplish.To be clear, there is no direct evidence linking the trademark application to the upcoming Galaxy Fold. However, we have seen in the past Samsung applying for trademarks a few months before the arrival of the corresponding products and services. If that’s the case this time as well, then the next Galaxy Fold might indeed sport a much less conspicuous hinge. Moreover, the trademark application does refer to a hinge for smartphones and tablets, increasing the odds of it being related to one of the upcoming Galaxy Fold models.According to multiple reports, Samsung is expected to release at least two Galaxy Fold models next year. One of them is possibly a vertically folding clamshell device, as teased by the company, while the other is allegedly a successor to the current Galaxy Fold. The clamshell model, which is supposed to be cheaper, is reportedly past the prototype stage and likely to be announced early next year. The other Galaxy Fold, meanwhile, is expected to be announced around August next year.We currently don’t know which or if both of these devices will sport this Hideaway Hinge. It’s also unclear if this new hinge will do anything to hide the crease on the inside. With its recently announced Razr folding phone, Motorola appears to have already figured out a way to make the hinge on the outside and the crease on the inside less prominent. Hopefully, Samsung brings something as good or better next year with its foldable devices.

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