The new Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox headset is 20% off for Black Friday

This is the latest Xbox headset from Turtle Beach, and it’s already enjoying a lower price as part of an early wave of Black Friday deals.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a solid offering from the company, and the fact that it’s 20% cheaper than usual makes it the most affordable wireless headset for Xbox on earth right now. The version on sale is the white shell edition, which matches the design of the Xbox One S or new Xbox Series S quite nicely.

While the audio reproduction isn’t mind-blowing, it’s elevated by Microsoft’s Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos surround on either the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S platforms. And indeed, this headset is compatible with any Xbox One or Xbox Series console, and connects directly to the box via the Xbox Wireless signal, completely dongle-free.

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Accompanying decent build quality and comfort is a whole range of on-ear controls from audio mix levels, master volume, pairing, and EQ presets. The headset also has a neat retractable microphone which ensconces itself tidily within one of the cups when it’s not in use, which also cleverly serves as a mute function.

While I wouldn’t call this the best Xbox One headset or best Xbox Series X, Series S headset, at $80, it’s arguably the best value Xbox wireless headset in the world right now. You could always spend more to get higher quality, but this is totally passable for all types of gaming, with a tactical sound that enhances footsteps and other cues to give you an advantage in competitive play.

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