The new soundtrack for Minecraft’s ‘the Nether Update’ is on Spotify

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We were already well aware that composer Lena Raine was working on new music for Mojang Studios for the Nether Update, and the tracks we’ve heard are breathtakingly beautiful, and gave parts of the Nether a much heavier, dynamic atmosphere than before. Coinciding with the newly annouced release date for the Nether Update on Minecraft, coming June 23, 2020, Microsoft and Mojang Studios have brought Lena Raine’s music to Spotify.

The official soundtrack isn’t terribly long, but it’s still five songs and a little over 20 minutes of gorgeous music available for your listening pleasure. You can find the official soundtrack on Spotify here, but of course the music will also be featured in the Nether Update releasing next week. Video game soundtracks are often underappreciated, so it’s nice to see Microsoft bring this one to Spotify. Hopefully this continues in the future with other games featuring powerful soundtracks.

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