The new One UI 6.0 beta build is also live in the USA

Surprise, surprise! It looks like Samsung is indeed rolling out the 2nd One UI 6.0 beta build in more countries besides Germany. An X user confirmed that the latest beta firmware is also available for the Galaxy S23 series in the USA. And, interestingly enough, the changelog mentions features that were not listed in the official list of changes for Germany.

The first One UI 6.0 beta 2 changelog that came into our possession (for the Galaxy S23 series in Germany) mentioned a bunch of fixes, but it may have been incomplete.

In addition to various fixes to Multi-Window, Music Share, S Pen, Repair Mode, the Home screen, Netflix app, system stability, and more, the changelog for the USA mentions a completely redesigned Samsung Health home screen and a new option to change the quantity of water in a cup.

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These alleged new features are missing from our Beta 2 firmware

Once we updated our Galaxy S23 devices with the 2nd One UI 6.0 beta in Europe, we checked to see if the Samsung Health home screen has indeed been redesigned and whether or not we can tweak water cup settings.

Oddly enough, these features are not available on our beta-running devices. So, either Samsung messed up some information in the changelog or these features will become available soon through app updates in the beta program. Or something else is going on.

In any case, the good news is that the 2nd One UI 6.0 beta program is indeed rolling out to more countries, including the USA, and it supposedly brings a bunch of fixes. Which is refreshing to hear, given that the 1st beta was pretty buggy.

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