The new Nest Audio is an upgraded Google Home

Google Nest Audio September 30 2020

Apart from the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phones and as promised, Google has also announced another major product. A new Google Home product is available. It now bears the Nest name and as previously mentioned several times, the Nest Audio reference is official. It’s a new product that can make staying at home more fun and interesting. You see, we still live in a pandemic world so we need to ensure the ‘New Normal’ is just as fun and convenient even if the world outside isn’t as safe.

Google’s new Nest Audio makes listening to music a more enjoyable experience. It’s a follow up to the previous Google Home smart speakers. The tech giant designed the speaker to be louder by 75%. Its bass is also stronger by 50% compared to the original Google Home. It has a 9mm tweeter that gives off clear vocals and high frequency that is consistent. The mid-woofer that gives off excellent bass measures 75mm.

The Nest Audio’s sound is more natural, clearer, and is fuller. The Google team worked hard on this one and even finished about 500 hours of tuning. The device adapts to the home or the room so it can play all kinds of music genres.

The Nest Audio can be partnered with other Google Home devices, the Nest Hub Max, and the Nest Mini as made possible by the multi-room control feature. The Google Assistant is faster and smart as the company made some changes in recent months like one TeraOPS of processing power for machine learning. With ML, the Google Assistant on Nest Audio can learn your preferences and history.

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The price is set at $99.99. You can buy one beginning October 5 from the Google Store and other retailers in India, Canada, and the US. Beginning October 15, it will be ready in retail stores like Best Buy and Target in 21 key countries.

Nest Audio is available for $99.99 online at the Google Store and other retailers in the U.S., Canada, and India starting Oct. 5. You can find it on shelves at retail stores including Target, Best Buy, and more in 21 countries starting October 15.

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