The new Microsoft Edge is here — have you made the switch?

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After months of testing on its Canary, Dev, and Beta branches, the new Microsoft Edge finally made its public debut this week. The release version of the browser is the culmination of a lengthy process of testing that saw Edge from a modest Chromium fork into a browser with its own unique set of features and integrations.

I’ve been using the new Microsoft Edge since I could get my hands on the first Canary build last year. It’s had some minor hitches during the development process, but it quickly became my avenue to break free of Chrome’s grasp. The Microsoft account integration is great, and I appreciate features like tracking prevention and the fact that it’s available on so many different platforms.

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However, I’m aware the new Edge might not be for everyone. Certain features, like history syncing and Collections, still aren’t available in the release version of the browser. Likewise, it can be hard to tear yourself away from the Firefoxes and Chromes of the world if you don’t have a personally compelling reason to do so.

So, have you made the switch to the new Microsoft Edge now that its public release is here? Or are you still sticking with another browser? Let us know in the poll, and feel free to expand on why you have or haven’t switched in the comments below.

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