The new Google Messages feature Samsung Messages should copy right away

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Google Messages is getting an excellent new feature to help users declutter their SMS inbox, one that we think Samsung should copy for its own Messages app as soon as possible. Google has officially announced some new Google Messages functionality for users in India, and one of those involves the option to automatically delete one-time passwords (OTPs) 24 hours after they’re received.

Two-factor authentication is pretty common across many services these days, including banking transactions and for logging in to various apps, which means you get a ton of one-time passwords that, unless you delete them right then and there after viewing them, continue to pile up as time goes on. That is exactly where the new Google Messages feature comes in. It can automatically delete messages it detects as OTPs 24 hours after they come in, making decluttering the inbox a lot less inconvenient and time-consuming.

For now, only Indian users are getting this new Google Messages update, but it will no doubt make its way to other markets over the coming weeks/months. Hopefully, Samsung can bring over something similar to Samsung Messages in the near future, though with the company now making Google Messages the default SMS app on Galaxy phones and tablets that launch running One UI 3.1 or later, it’s possible it isn’t too interested in adding new features to its own app.

Google Messages can be downloaded from Google Play here.

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