The Last of Us 2 sound designer joins Obsidian Entertainment

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Today, Jordan Denton, who worked as an Associate Sound Designer on The Last of Us 2, announced that she was joining Xbox Game Studios’ Obsidian Entertainment as an Audio Designer. While reviews for The Last of Us 2 won’t be out until later this week, early previews indicate that the audio design is some of the best the gaming industry has ever seen. This is a great hire for Obsidian since she brings with her a lot of experience due to her work with The Last of Us 2 team.

A small team at Obsidian is currently working on Grounded, but we don’t know what the studio’s next major project is. It may be revealed at the Xbox Series X event in July. What do you hope from their next game? Do you want a top-down role-playing game or a first-person adventure like The Outer Worlds? Let us know.

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