The Macworld Podcast has a new format that we’d like to explain before we go on with the show. The main difference is that we’re going back to an audio-only format. If you’ve been joining our live video feeds, thank you! Moving forward, you can get the podcast on the Macworld channel on iTunes and Soundcloud, as well as on

In addition, the podcast now has new segments. We’ll kick off with news, followed by a deeper discussion on a featured topic. After that, we have a new segment called Two-Minute Tip, and then we’ll wrap up with your hot takes posted to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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The future with 5G

5G: What is it? When is it coming? Will Apple be late to the 5G party? When should you really start to care about it? We’ll talk about what you need to know about this upcoming cellular technology.

Here are a few links if you want to get more info.

Two-minute tip

Welcome to a new segment on the podcast that we’re calling the Two-Minute Tip. On this part of the show, a Macworld staffer will present a quick tip for your Apple device. This week, Jason Cross has a helpful tip for Apple Watch users. Click the link below to get more info.

Your hot takes

We love to read your comments and questions. Let us know what you’re thinking on Twitter (@macworld), on Facebook.

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