The Gear S2 is getting improved battery life in surprise firmware update

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Believe it or not, the Gear S2 smartwatch is getting a new firmware update. Version R730AUCU3CQK1 is rolling out as we speak and it improves battery life and security. These new goodies come wrapped in a small 6.79MB package.This is quite an unexpected turn of events. A couple of years have passed since the Gear S2 has last seen a firmware update, and the smartwatch is approaching its 5th anniversary. That’s quite a long time on the market to receive new firmware, but Samsung went the extra mile and the update should breathe a bit of fresh life into the wearable, even as the launch of a new Galaxy Watch seems to be looming.At the moment, it’s not clear where exactly the new update is rolling out and how long it will take to reach your device, wherever you may happen to reside. But, as usual, you can check for new updates by launching the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone, accessing Watch software update, and tapping Download and install if applicable.According to Tizen Help, the update also brings the Galaxy Watch Active 2 UI along with it, which would be amazing if true, but we cannot confirm at the time of this writing and the changelog shared by the source itself is missing this important detail. Therefore, until more details emerge (if any), take this claim of a new UI with a big pinch of salt.Have you received this update on your Gear S2? Better yet, are you still rocking your Gear S2 or have you retired it? Join us in the comment section below. Feel free to let us know if you’ve noticed any new additions and/or changes with this release.

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