The Garmin Vivomove HR just had its price slashed for Black Friday 2019

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The Garmin Vivomove HR is one of the most popular hybrid smartwatches out there. Luckily, it’s just been discounted for Garmin Black Friday. Right now, you can save $50 on a black model, or a whopping $62 on the white and rose gold variant. Both are the lowest prices this hybrid has been available from Amazon.

Amazon: Garmin Vivomove HR - Save $50

Amazon: Garmin Vivomove HR – Save $50

The Vivomove HR is going to appeal to anyone looking for something a bit more discreet for their wearable. It manages to pack in a heart rate monitor, activity and sleep tracking and smartphone notifications into a stylish package that looks like a regular watch.


It’s able to do the latter thanks to a digital display that’s tucked away and able to show everything from caller ID to incoming messages. That way you know when it’s worth whipping your phone out of your pocket or just carrying on with your day.


We loved the Vivomove HR when we reviewed it at full price, giving it 4/5. This discount joins a raft of other Garmin deals from Amazon, including a surprising $100 off the Garmin Venu. This will appeal if you’re after more of a fully-fledged smartwatch packing a stunning AMOLED display.

Amazon: Garmin Venu - Save $100

Amazon: Garmin Venu – Save $100

There’s no shortage of discounts this Black Friday, so be sure to check out our other Black Friday articles for more bargains.

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