The GameSir X2 is an A+ early Black Friday 2021 deal for Xbox fans

Black Friday 2021 is upon us, bringing another week of epic consumerism. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or hunting for early Christmas gifts, Black Friday is a great time to score some savings on some of the best tech and accessories to enhance your gaming life.

This top Black Friday 2021 deal has rolled around again and remains arguably the best option on the market for anyone looking to get into Xbox Cloud Gaming, as long as they’re rocking an Android device. The GameSir X2 is a stellar clamp-based gamepad for Android phones and small tablets, letting you eliminate that uncanny latency from Bluetooth controllers with a direct USB-C connection to your device.

The GameSir X2 controller is typically $100, but this beefy 30% off knocks it down to just $70. The GameSir X2 behaves as a standard Xbox controller when used on Xbox Game Pass for Android, and even has a screenshot and screen recording key which works well with Samsung’s built-in screen recording functions. You can also use it for most Android games that support standard gamepads, and the GameSir app (while rough) provides easy access to all the gamepad’s functions and options, as well as game suggestions.

We still think Microsoft should build their own gamepad to truly nail the experience, but the GameSir X2 is by far our best secondary option on the market. Unlike the competing Razer Kishi, its clamp system supports a far, far wider range of devices, and doesn’t rely on shaped rubber inlays to keep your phone steady. Instead, it simply clamps flat around your device (up to 6.8 inches), and uses rubber grips either side to keep it in place. The innovative USB-C connection pivot also ensures that regardless of your device’s thickness, it should still fit into the connector port. It also comes with a carrying case for good measure, and even supports USB-C charging pass through, letting you charge your phone and the controller itself via a single port on the gamepad.

This is a personal top recommendation for Xbox fans for me, and something I use frequently with Xbox Game Pass and my Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. Definitely check it out, and be sure to see more of our top Xbox Black Friday 2021 deals recommendations here.

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