The Galaxy Fold will be available in a lot more countries soon

Samsung has gradually been releasing the Galaxy Fold across the globe. South Korea was the first to get it last month before select markets in Europe got it. It was released in the United States on September 27.The company is now gearing up to make the Galaxy Fold available in a lot more countries soon. It’s not surprising, given that Samsung had previously said that its first foldable smartphone will be widely available, even if in limited quantities.Galaxy Fold to be available in more markets soonSamsung has already confirmed the launch details for the Galaxy Fold in India. Pre-orders begin October 4 with shipments from October 20. It’s also opening up pre-orders in the Middle East on October 6. Customers in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait will be able to pick one up.The Galaxy Fold is also headed to other countries in Europe. We’ve already reported that it should hit Poland on October 18. France will get both the LTE and 5G variants while Italy gets the 5G. Russia will get both.The LTE variant is also going to be released in Nordic countries, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia. The 5G variant will be available in Switzerland and Poland as well in addition to the United Kingdom.Prices will obviously vary by market but they will definitely be above the $2,000 mark. For example, the Galaxy Fold costs the equivalent of $2,320 in India. That’s likely because of higher import taxes on electronics not manufactured in the country. Samsung will eventually confirm the pre-order and release dates for all of these markets. It’s likely not going to be a long wait for them.

Galaxy Fold

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